Muir officially nominated as Alliance Westminster candidate

With Dr Stephen Farry MLA and
Councillor Stuart Anderson
I was officially nominated on Tuesday 7 April 2015 as Alliance Party candidate in the North Down constituency exactly one month in advance of the forthcoming Westminster Election on 7 May 2015.

I visited Newtownards Area Electoral Office to submit my papers along with North Down Alliance MLA Dr Stephen Farry plus Bangor Central Alliance Councillor Stuart Anderson and Election Agent Mr Michael Watts.

I am very grateful to the Alliance Party for the opportunity to stand for election on 7 May on the basis of Alliance Party policies which seek to positively transform Northern Ireland. Rather than pandering to the extremes, feet dragging, wasting taxpayers’ money and squandering opportunities Alliance seeks to spend taxpayers’ money more wisely by ending segregation and division and has a strong record of standing up, speaking out and taking difficult decisions much move us forward, not back. 

The forthcoming election is a key moment when people will have opportunity to decide whether Northern Ireland moves forward towards an open and inclusive future, or back to old divided sectarian past. I am enjoying the campaign thus far and look forward to the weeks ahead as I outline my track record of delivery and vision for the future as a committed Councillor, former Mayor of North Down,  community champion and eco activist who has delivered many achievements with energy and enthusiasm.