New Bangor Central Integrated Primary School buildings a step closer

Alliance representatives have welcomed sale of old Bangor Castle Leisure Centre car park to the Education Authority in order to enable future development and expansion of Bangor Central Integrated Primary School.

Sale of the car park area was considered vital to enable much needed new buildings for the popular Primary School with sale negotiations ongoing since 2011.

Commenting on the development, Councillor Stuart Anderson stated “With Bangor Central Integrated Primary School still operating within out of date buildings and being forced to use mobile classrooms to cater for strong demand, the need for new buildings and a modern teaching environment is of paramount importance. I am therefore delighted to learn that Council have concluded negotiations and sold the car park area of the old Bangor Castle Leisure Centre to the Education Authority. The pressure on primary schools across Bangor to facilitate demand is well known. I trust that the Department of Education will take this opportunity to equip the school in a manner that, at least in part, begins to address this issue.

Urging the Department for Education to now approve the new school buildings, I remarked “Sale of this area removes last barrier to progress and should provide green light for Department for Education to approve long awaited new school buildings. With the school enjoying strong enrolment and an inclusive Integrated Learning Environment I would urge the Minister for Education to evaluate how the school’s request for new buildings can be progressed without any further delay. I have already written to the Minister seeking an update and hope for a positive reply.

The Alliance Party have been strong supporters of Bangor Central Integrated Primary School and Integrated Education generally and will continue our strong support for such over months and years ahead as we seek to deliver a modern first class education system for everyone.