Renewable energy, climate change & DUP

Last week the County Down Spectator carried a front page news story about proposed Solar Farm in North Down along with opposition from DUP MLA. 

Full details about the proposal can be found at http://epicpublic.planningni.gov.uk Planning Application Reference LA06/2015/0389/F. 

In response I submitted the following letter which appeared in the County Down Spectator today:

I write in relation to recent story in County Down Spectator concerning plan for a Solar Farm in North Down and subsequent objections from a DUP MLA and others.

As many readers will be aware, the world is already starting to experience the effects of Climate Change with developing countries hit the hardest as a result of stronger cyclones, gradually increasing land and sea temperatures plus more unpredictable rains and on-going sea-level rises.

Duty to decrease carbon emissions by exploring cleaner renewable energy sources and reducing our reliance upon fossil fuels is therefore not just a legal obligation but a moral one. Time to show foresight and consideration for future generations and others across the globe is today.

I was therefore disappointed to see a DUP representative leading the campaign against the proposed Solar Farm without recognising the need for such developments nor the detailed plans submitted which propose creation of a woodland to provide a barrier between the Solar Farm and A2 Dual Carriageway plus hedgerows augmented and gapped up with indigenous species around the circumference of the Solar Farm.

Distinct lack of leadership and reactionary response from DUP to object and oppose anything remotely different and new isn’t however surprising nor unexpected when we consider the issue of renewable energy, with DUP providing a warm home to climate change deniers such as Sammy Wilson.

I will be submitting a letter of support for the application submitted and encourage others to do likewise alongside supporting organisations such as Christian Aid who are working to help poor communities to adapt to the growing threat of climate change whilst also advocating for global action towards clean, low-carbon energy sources.