Muir welcomes Kinnegar Sewage Works progress

Councillor Muir at Kinnegar Lagoons
I have welcomed progress to date concerning multi million pound project to eliminate the foul odour and sewage pollution in the Kinnegar Lagoons, Holywood. The Project is being delivered by NI Water after I relentlessly lobbied Department for Regional Development, European Environment Commissioner, NI Environment Agency and NI Water to take action.

Whilst I am disappointed some of the tunnelling work has now been re-scheduled due to poor ground conditions I welcome news that project is generally proceeding apace with much needed new pumping station due to the complete by Summer 2016.

Whilst it should not have taken so many years for action to be taken, I welcome the commitment by NI Water to address the issue via the £4.5million construction project currently underway.

Through dogged determination and effective lobbying I am proud to have brought the campaign to this stage and will continue work to ensure NI Water finally remove the odour and pollution in the area which has destroyed the natural environment, eliminated any wildlife and left local people angered after having to endure years of a disgusting malodour.