Muir welcomes progress for The Front Development, Holywood

I welcome progress which will hopefully see new retail and apartment development at Hibernia Street, Holywood, known locally as “The Front”.

For far too long the area adjoining the A2 Holywood Bypass has been left an derelict eyesore, portraying a negative image to passing motorists. I am therefore delighted that Council has approved plan to progress this new scheme which will involve new shops, offices, apartments plus provision of new parking spaces in the same quantity as currently available and new Public Conveniences.

With occupancy rates in Holywood Town Centre fast approaching 100% the need for additional retail and office space is becoming acute, in stark contrast to other Town Centres. Progression of this scheme therefore provides opportunity to facilitate further economic growth with additional jobs likely to be created by the new businesses and construction work to be undertaken.

Rather than leaving the current carpark areas to deteriorate this scheme provides template for rejuvenation of the wider area, linking into the second, but smaller, phase of Public Realm works which will refresh and renovate Redburn Square and Hibernia Street.

More details at www.frontholywood.com