Refurbishment on the horizon for Glenlyon Park, Holywood

Holywood’s Glenlyon Park is set for major refurbishment works this winter. 
Having raised concerns a number of times in recent years, I am delighted the park’s current state of disrepair is finally going to be addressed.  The move will also address on-going anti-social behaviour in the area.
Glenlyon Park is a vital resource and a much enjoyed public space in the Holywood area.
However over the past few years this once Scenic Park has become a shadow of its former self, with wildlife dwindling and paths overgrown with untamed shrubbery, along with an increase in anti-social behaviour.
The planned works will include the removal of unnative species and plants, to be replaced by native, locally sourced foliage and I want to thank the local conservation volunteers who have pledged to help with the project.  Overall we will see greater diversity in the park, with the addition of many new species set to make the area a much more interesting park to visit.
I am passionate about creating a clean and green borough, with a range of open spaces available for shared activities and enjoyment.  I’m delighted the Council has listened to my concerns and am hopeful that Glenlyon Park will be returned to its former glory.