Muir in driving seat for more eCar spaces

Councillor Muir at eCar Charging Bay
Quay Street, Bangor
I am delighted government authorities have finally commissioned the new eCar charge point at Bangor Aurora after prolonged lobbying and hope they will now grant my request for an additional eCar charging point bay at the popular Quay Street location in Bangor after being contacted by many users disappointed they can’t recharge their car due to lack of eCar parking bays.

With regards to the eCar charging point at Bangor Aurora Leisure Centre, despite installation taking place in July 2015 and assurance from the Minister for Regional Development that all sites installed were now commissioned the eCar Fast Charging Point at Bangor Aurora was only commissioned for use on Monday 18 January 2016 after prolonged lobbying and correspondence on the issue. Only to see the point go live now was a scandalous waste of public money but hopefully lessons have been learnt and this will not re-occur. 

Single eCar Charging Bay at Quay
Street, Bangor despite charger
capable of charging two vehicles
With regards to the eCar Charge Point at Quay Street, Bangor, since the installation of this charging point a number of years ago Electric Car ownership has increased and consequently number of people using Charging points located across Northern Ireland. With the Quay Street eCar charging point offering ability to charge two vehicles at once but only one dedicated eCar Parking Bay, users are often contacting me to detail their frustration at not being able to charge up due to the other bays being occupied by conventional vehicles.

With all day parking also permitted at this location, the other nearby bays are often occupied for the entire day by conventional cars, thereby putting 50% of the charging point out of action with facility to charge two vehicles inhibited. I would therefore urge the Department for Regional Development to designate two eCar Charging Bays rather than merely one as currently available.