Delivering openness and transparency

I am proud to have again placed greater openness and transparency on the agenda, this time focused upon obtaining full disclosure when it comes to their Councillor's interests but ensuring that all Declarations of Interest are published on Ards and North Down Borough Council's website.
The Alliance Party continues to put openness and transparency at the heart of local government, something which up until now other parties have continually blocked.
Declarations of Interest are already available in hard copy, but this requires people to visit Bangor Castle and I believe this is a service that should be available online.
Not only will this allow the public to have full confidence in decisions being made - especially with local government having increased planning powers - but the move would also highlight those Councillors who have so far failed to declare their relevant interests.
I am delighted Council unanimously agreed to support my proposal.
Openness and transparency is essential in order for the public to have full confidence in the decisions made by their elected politicians. If ratified this will enable the general public to easily find out who's involved with what, marking another small step forward in my campaign to end the culture of secrecy that too often surrounds politics in Northern Ireland.