Muir speeding up eCar provision

Two cars being charged at Quay Street, Bangor
I welcome news that an additional eCar Charger Bay will be provided in Bangor Town Centre in response to my request and in light of increased demand over recent months.

I have been campaigning in recent months for an additional eCar Charger Bay at Quay Street whilst also successfully getting the eCar charger commissioned for use at Bangor Aurora after being left out of order for many months since installation in July 2015.

I would like to commend the tenacity of those eCar users who have relentlessly campaigned to raise need for the additional eCar Charger Bay at Quay Street, highlighting increased usage and the economic benefits with a number of eCar users travelling to Bangor to shop or visit local eateries but denied ability to re-charge their vehicle due to lack of two eCar charge bay spaces.

Cllr Muir at eCar Charger at Quay St
Despite the charger offering the functionality to charge two vehicles at the same time only one dedicated eCar charger bay is currently available. After raising the evidence provided by eCar users I am delighted Department for Regional Development have agreed to progress my request and have started the process of providing two eCar Charger Bays at Quay Street. With the legislative process to provide two bays now underway I hope consultees will respond positively to this proposal and enable eCar provision to move up a gear.

With oil a finite fossil fuel and issue of Climate Change of growing importance it’s vital we create a suitable infrastructure to enable eCar users to recharge their vehicles when visiting our local Towns. After achieving success at both Bangor Aurora and Quay Street sites I am now progressing a project to deliver an eCar charge point in Holywood Town Centre and will work with all parties to ensure this busy Town has necessary infrastructure to facilitate eCar users visiting the Town for leisure, business or otherwise.