Muir welcomes Conlig Reservoirs sale u-turn

I welcome news from Northern Ireland Water concerning previous plans to sell two Reservoirs in Conlig Village. I have been lobbying NI Water to drop plans to sell the environmental havens and recently was informed:

NI Water has not advertised these reservoirs for sale on the private market, and have no immediate plans to do so.

Experience indicates that there is a very limited (almost non-existent!) market for this type of property.  NI Water will only take forward the sale of property that we believe will sell and return best value.

After making contact with NI Water in response to concerns from a local resident that the Reservoirs could be sold I was disturbed to receive a response from NI Water which stated  ‘Within the past few weeks we have had some enquiries regarding the status of the reservoirs, and potential for private sale’. These comments caused legitimate anxiety and, as a result, I sought clarity on the matter.

With the election period no progress was possible due to Civil Service rules on not commenting nor meeting on such matters but with the elections now over I again made contact and have been informed that no plans exist to sell the reservoirs on the private market and that a “very limited (almost non-existent!) market” exists. I welcome this news but will continue to monitor the situation especially in light of fact that a previous attempt was made to rezone the areas for housing via the Belfast Metropolitan Area Plan. It’s vital that we protect our Green Spaces for future generations to enjoy, once sold they risk being lost forever.