1 Stewart's Place building owners dragging their feet

The owners of a local listed building in Holywood are dragging their feet after another delay in securing it, despite the risk of imminent collapse.

The work to the site at 1 Stewart's Place was due to begin three weeks ago, however, a section of the town's busy Bangor Road nearby remains closed, with no work carried out. The building partially collapsed last month, more empty promises from the developer mean that the future of the building is still in jeopardy.

It is disappointing the owner has taken so long to deliberate over this and still has yet to secure the site

The closure of part of Bangor Road has inflicted weeks of disruption upon the people of Holywood - the owner should not have allowed the building to deteriorate into the perilous state it currently is in.

Instead it is dragging on and we are hearing more and more broken promises about its future. While we would ideally like to save the building, sadly as this issue continues, it's looking more likely that demolition may now be the only viable option.