Muir delighted Kinnegar sewage solution delivered

Councillor Muir at Kinnegar Lagoons
I welcome the completion of the works at Kinnegar designed to improve sewerage infrastructure in Holywood and eliminate notoriously pungent smell.

Work along the Belfast Road in Holywood was completed on December 15, with a combined sewer overflow diverted away from Kinnegar Lagoons and the new waste water pumping station becoming fully operational.

I first started this campaign nearly seven years ago in response to the awful stench of sewage affecting nearby residents and passing road and rail traffic but I am now hopeful the completed work will mean the frequency and severity of odours coming from the lagoons will be reduced dramatically. It has been a long journey to reach this point involving lobbying NI Water, respective Government Ministers and getting the EU Environment Commissioner involved but through hard work and dogged determination I managed to secure £4.5million funding and get the works undertaken.

I want to thank all the statutory agencies which have worked to secure this scheme and local people who endured the disruption whilst works occurred. As well as having a positive impact on the environment, local people will hope this move will bring them comfort. I expect this will provide the much-needed relief they deserve. Assurances have also been received that the Kinnegar Lagoons will be enabled to return to the original state following the disgraceful pollution which NI Water allowed to occur destroying the scenic habitat previously enjoyed by a wide range of wildlife.

NI Water updates below:

Work is progressing well on Phase 2 of the Holywood/Kinnegar Sewer Network Improvement Scheme.

All sewer laying is complete and the contractor made the final connection to the manhole on the Belfast Road week commencing 12/12/16. Reinstatement of the grass areas, footpaths and roadway is continuing.

The traffic island close to the Maxol petrol station is being rebuilt, when the road reinstatement is complete, the temporary white lines will be removed with the permanent white lines in the centre of the road also being reinstated. Once all of this work is completed two way traffic will return to normal on the Belfast Road prior to the Christmas holidays.

Some minor modification works will also be carried out on a ‘Combined Sewer Overflow’ (CSO) chamber within private property in Strathearn Court prior to the Christmas holidays.

Completion of this Phase of the scheme will allow the third and final CSO to be removed from the Kinnegar Lagoons.

I am pleased to confirm that all work on the Belfast Road in Holywood was completed on 15 December 2016. The final reinstatement of the road has also been completed and traffic flows have returned to normal.

I can also confirm that the third and final ‘Combined Sewer Overflow’ (CSO) has been diverted away from the Kinnegar Lagoons, and the new Waste Water pumping station is fully operational. This completes all of the work involved in the Holywood Sewer Improvements – Phase 2 Scheme.

Modifications which had already been carried out to the outlet of the lagoons reduced the frequency and severity of odours being released to the atmosphere. This work along with increased network maintenance, and the removal of the initial two CSO’s has made a substantial improvement to the condition of the Kinnegar Lagoons. It is anticipated that the removal of the third and final CSO will ensure that this improvement continues.

Based on studies and monitoring to date, the view is that the lagoons should be permitted to continue to cleanse and regenerate naturally. Now that all overflow discharges have been diverted to the WwTW, NI Water will continue to monitor the odours in the area and the lagoons to ensure natural regeneration occurs as anticipated.

It is envisaged that, following the completion of both Phases of this project, the frequency and severity of the odours in the area will be greatly reduced, but not entirely eliminated.