Let's change our politics for good on 2 March

Councillor Muir and Dr Stephen Farry
 2 March voters will go to the polls for the Northern Ireland Assembly Election following the collapse of the DUP / Sinn Fein Executive only months after promising a ‘Fresh Start’.

I am looking forward to voting Alliance for my friend, colleague and Party Deputy Leader Dr Stephen Farry who is the Alliance Party candidate in North Down.

I hope people will do likewise choosing hope over fear, grasping the opportunity to change our politics for good towards a more progressive and liberal future for everyone.

After only recently commencing my new job I am not on the ticket this time but have been working hard to secure re-election of Stephen and continuing to work with the same passion and vigour as local Councillor for Holywood & Clandeboye and Alliance Party Group Leader on Ards & North Down Borough Council.

A strong Alliance vote and the re-election of Dr Stephen Farry is vital if we are to secure a new Assembly which heralds change, for good. Without a strong commitment to respect, equality, reconciliation, partnership working and reform of the Petition of Concern veto which has blocked many measures public confidence in the Assembly risks falling even further. Only by voting Farry 1 will we help ensure and end to dogma, deadlock and sickening bigotry espoused for far too long.

Commenting on the issue, Stephen Farry remarked: “Our politics is badly broken, with an absence of openness and accountability, cronyism and corruption, deadlock and missed opportunities. The Renewable Heat Initiative crystallised these problems, but they run much deeper. This is bigger than problems with the DUP and Sinn Fein partnership, it is a weakness of Orange and Green politics.

This is an unnecessary election, and one with real consequences to Northern Ireland society and in particular our public services, with no Programme for Government, no Budget and no Brexit plan in place.

Now is however a major opportunity for voters to change Northern Ireland politics for good. Alliance offers good leadership and good governance. I have a strong track record of delivery, including competence and integrity in government when I served as Minister for Employment and Learning.

My re-election in North Down and the strongest possible vote for Alliance will send out a powerful message of change, and endorsement of a party that can actually deliver."