In the running for election as Alliance North Down General Election Candidate

I am absolutely delighted to be selected to stand for Alliance in North Down in the upcoming Westminster election on June 8.

In little under six weeks, people across the United Kingdom face one of the most important elections of our time.

We must choose whether to continue along the road the Conservative Government, aided by the DUP, is determined to take us on, delivering the hardest of Brexits, with closed borders, polarised politics and economic uncertainty on the horizon.

I am seeking election in an effort to give the people of North Down the opportunity to signal a desire to change direction away from this destination by choosing an Alliance Party candidate firmly committed to an open, inclusive, prosperous and ambitious future within Europe.

With seemingly endless elections and on-going deadlock at Stormont I entirely understand the real sense of frustration felt by many. Never before have we seen such unprecedented events, casting aside the old certainties and norms.

I am however passionate in my belief that we can and must change direction to ensure the extremes don’t dictate our future. Only by voting for the positive progressive vision offered by Alliance can we strengthen the liberal centre ground and deliver a positive alternative to the divisive agenda of others.

I love North Down, am proud to call the place home and really looking forward to the campaign ahead.

North Down Alliance Councillor since 2010, previous North Down Westminster Candidate in 2015 and Mayor of North Down 2013/14 when undertook over 700 engagements under theme ‘Working as One’. Previously Alliance Party Chairperson and President, currently leader of Alliance Party group on Ards and North Down Borough Council. Outside politics, Andrew works as a Project Manager with Translink and is a keen runner, competing for North Down Athletics Club for a range of events including Belfast City Marathon on Monday 1 May 2017.