Cultra Station renovations the rail thing, says Muir

Cultra Railway Station is on the express track back to life after significant renovations were unveiled for the first time last weekIt is 'fantastic' to see the much-loved location restored to its former glory. 

Photos of the newly restored Cultra Station House and associated properties look pretty amazing, bringing a once derelict building back to its former glory alongside a number of new high quality finish buildings on the adjoining site. It’s fantastic to see the  Station House ready for people to call home. I wish the eventual new home owners every success as they set out on what seems certain to be a express non-stop journey of railway nostalgia in modern surroundings

Since 2011, my colleague, former Councillor and now Chair of Holywood Conservation Group Larry Thompson, and I have worked hard to ensure rapidly deteriorating Cultra Station House didn't hit the buffers and was instead on the fast track to a full revival after being seized by NAMA. 

Cllr Andrew Muir and Mr Larry Thompson RIBA

Far too often we see historic buildings fall into a state of disrepair, but rather than let that happen to Cultra Station House, Alliance has consistently fought to see the arrival of a functioning site. That's now fully ready and promoting a positive sense of community spirit after many local people and organisations boarded the campaign, from Holywood Conservation Group to Ulster Architectural Heritage Society, a previous Environment Minister and even a Irish TD.

This is a success story. Cultra Station House has overcome health and safety concerns, the economic crash of 2011 and many other disappointments, to offer local people a truly wonderful place to live. I'm very proud to have been involved in this project from the start and would encourage everyone to look at what has been achieved.