Muir encourages public to report Kinnegar odour concerns

Councillor Muir at Kinnegar Lagoons
I am encouraging members of the public to report any malodours experienced near the Kinnegar Lagoons and Waste Water Treatment Plant in Holywood after recent reports of the sewage stink returning.

After securing £4.5million investment to end sewage pollution of the Kinnegar lagoons and resulting malodour I was concerned to learn in recent weeks of reports that the pong was back.

With the multi-million pound works to improve Holywood’s sewerage infrastructure and eliminate the notoriously pungent smell completed at the end of 2016 such malodours should be a distant memory not a reoccurring concern.

Upon learning of these report I therefore immediately contacted Northern Ireland Water outlining my concerns and asking for an investigation. This investigation is now complete and whilst all the evidence gathered indicate no malodour exceedances NI Water are keen to hear more if the problems re-occur. Members of the public can report incidents by ringing either myself via 07813 945411 or NI Water directly via 03457 44 00 88 with as much information as possible such as times, dates, locations and description.

With such a significant investment previously secured I am keen to ensure the Kinnegar sewage smell is eliminated once and for all and therefore urge anyone with concerns to make contact so we can identify any new problems for immediate rectification.

Response from NI Water in relation to recent reports appended below:

Thank you for your email, and apologies for not replying sooner.  The Kinnegar Wastewater Treatment Works’ (WwTW) November emissions results were needed to provide a meaningful response and they have only just become available.

NI Water have been made aware, from local press articles, of reports of unpleasant odours during November in the vicinity of Kinnegar WwTW at the shorefront.  We have checked our customer contacts records, which confirm NI Water did not receive any odour complaints directly.

We would like to reassure you that we have carried out checks on the sewerage system at the new pumping station, and the adjacent Lagoons, and found no issues.  Watercourses in the wider area were also inspected and, again, no issues were found.

Also, the Kinnegar WwTW emissions results recorded no exceedances during November.  Please note that monitoring a this site only provides assurances in relation to hydrogen sulphide emissions.  Other unpleasant smelling substances, which can be produced as a by-product of wastewater treatment processes and, indeed, other natural processes in the wider environment, are not monitored under the established regime.

We are very mindful of the historical issues in the area and would encourage members of the public to report odours, via Waterline (03457 44 00 88), if possible with times, dates, locations and description, so that they can be investigated immediately.

NI Water will continue to monitor all possible odour sources in the local sewerage system and around the Kinnegar WwTW and the Lagoons.  Background odours in close proximity to any wastewater treatment works would not be entirely unexpected and can, on occasions, be more noticeable depending on prevailing weather conditions and operations being undertaken on site.

Muir welcomes Council decision to back LGBT Awareness Week

I welcome Ards and North Down Council's decision to back a request from the Rainbow Project to light up Ards Town Hall for LGBT Awareness Week.

A similar Alliance proposal had previously been defeated, but this time around the vote narrowly passed by 19 votes to 18.

I am glad that Ards & North Down Borough Council agreed on 19 December 2018 with the Rainbow Project request to light up Ards Town Hall in Rainbow colours for LGBT Awareness Week on 13 May 2019. I would like to thank all those who voted in favour of this positive move including my Alliance Party colleagues alongside Ulster Unionist, Green, Independent and the two DUP Councillors who broke ranks.

I am however very disappointed that proposal was only passed by one vote after a failed DUP amendment to instead use the colour pink as a 'compromise'. I personally found this to be an offensive suggestion and believe it shows a real lack of understanding of the LGBT community. Indeed one argument citied for the DUP amendment was that colour pink was used during the Holocaust.

This, I would argue demonstrates, that perhaps some in the DUP have a long journey to travel in relation to LGBT Awareness. I would therefore hope all members of the Council engage in events around LGBT Awareness Week as we seek to build a better understanding of the issues faced by all citizens in our Borough irrespective of sexual orientation or gender.

We must address carbon footprint before it’s too late

Ards and North Down is set to assess how it can become a Carbon Neutral Council I raised the issue at Council.

Recognising the importance of the issue, I have helped ensure the local authority will step up in the battle against climate change, aiming to create a low carbon future with officers set to start work on possible timescales for achieving carbon neutrality with unanimous decision of the Committee ratified by full Council at the end of November.

I'm pleased my Council colleagues have recognised the importance of this issue and backed me in my plans to see Ards and North Down lead the way when it comes to the fight against climate change.

Global action on Climate Change is now widespread focused both on reducing emissions and adapting how our environments, societies and assets are managed in response to the impacts of Climate Change.

In terms of reducing emissions, the International Community has already agreed to reduce global warming by two degrees Celsius requiring significant deep and challenging levels of decarbonisation.

As a Council we have a duty to play our part in these efforts striving towards carbon neutrality and are, I believe, up to the challenge as already proven in relation to, for example, our recycling efforts.

In joining me in this campaign my Council colleagues have sent a strong message that we all have a duty to create a sustainable future for the next generation.

Delighted to stand for re-election as Councillor alongside Gillian Greer for Holywood and Clandeboye Area

Cllr Andrew Muir and Gillian Greer
I am delighted to have been selected by the Alliance Party to stand for re-election to Ards and North Down Borough Council in the Holywood and Clandeboye Electoral Area ahead of the 2019 Local Government elections, scheduled for May.

I will be joined by local woman and Alliance Party North Down Chairperson Gillian Greer as the Party seeks to increase its number of Councillors for the area.

I am very grateful to have the full support of the Alliance Party behind me in my bid for re-election. It’s been an honour and privilege to serve the people as their Councillor since 2010 with lots delivered but so much more yet to do. 

Whether it be championing a shared, open and inclusive borough as Mayor, saving Cairn Wood, pushing for greater openness and transparency within the Council, securing restoration of Cultra Station House or standing up for the Rule of Law, the last eight years have flown by. 

Going forward I’ll continue to push for a progressive, open and accountable Council which delivers for all citizens and businesses with delivery of an ambitious master plan for the Kinnegar site following genuine consultation with local people one of my top priorities alongside completion of restoration work at 1 Stewart’s Place plus necessary Coastal Path upgrades to showcase Holywood & Clandeboye as a great place to live, work or invest.

Gillian added: “As a full time working Mum, I’m delighted to be able to step forward for the people of Holywood and Clandeboye and I’m looking forward to taking the Alliance Party’s message of a genuinely shared future to the voters of the area.

“I’m passionate about our area and I’ll stand up for what’s best for everyone – including challenging the on-going problems with Rathgael Road traffic and ensuring voices of local people heard with regards to Greenway plans along the Clandeboye Way and other routes.  I look forward to getting out and about meeting as many people as possible over the coming weeks and months.”