Muir welcomes progress concerning Redburn Square Subway, Holywood

I have welcomed progress achieved in upgrading the Redburn Square Subway in Holywood which runs under the busy A2 Bangor to Belfast Road.

Following ratification of the cross party motion in September calling for action to address the dilapidated state of the Redburn Square Subway I welcome the response received from Department for Infrastructure and agreement by Council Committee to call for a site meeting to consider further actions required to upgrade the subway.

The response from Department for Infrastructure outlines lighting upgrades undertaken, replacement of damaged nosings on steps, removal of graffiti and offers a site meeting which Corporate Committee on 12 November 2019 agreed to request at the recommendation of myself

The Redburn Square Subway is a main gateway into the Town but unfortunately does not give a great impression. So many letters and emails have been exchanged with Transport NI by many elected representatives requesting action but unfortunately progress has been slow.

Whilst the dilapidated state is of concern, the possible impact is of even higher concern with some people avoiding use of the subway and trying to cross the busy A2 instead. With 40,000 vehicles a day travelling along this road the sight of people dodging vehicles to cross the road makes me feel sick with dread.

I am therefore encouraged by the small but important upgrades actioned to date and look forward to speaking with Department for Infrastructure representatives to outline the need for further work, cleaning up the subway, introducing enhanced lighting and signage to encourage people to use the safe way to cross the A2.

A Notice of Motion debated at Corporate Committee in September and subsequently ratified by Council stated “That this Council agrees to write to Transport NI outlining our concerns in relation to the dilapidated state of Redburn Square A2 Subway, road safety concerns arising as a result and, in light of such, the need for full upgrade with a site meeting to be requested involving Transport NI representatives plus Councillors for the DEA.”.