Alliance calls for Council to fix Coastal Path collapse

Local Alliance Party Representatives have called for swift action to be taken by the Council to repair crumbling section of the coastal path. Alliance MLA Andrew Muir and Councillors Martin McRandal and Gillian Greer have highlighted the urgent need for repair to this section of the Coastal Path near Station Road and Frenchwood Park.

This section of the path is Council owned. Council officers confirmed that they currently have a structural engineer assessing it and are awaiting his recommendations.

Commenting on the issue, Andrew Muir MLA stated “Big questions have to be asked why this section of the North Down Coastal Path has collapsed only a few years after upgrade. With many more people out enjoying the outdoors during the Summer months it’s vital Council gets the path safely repaired without delay enabling walkers, runners and cyclists safely travel along the coast”

Councillor Martin McRandal remarked “Concerns about the safety of the path at this location were raised with us by users and I was relieved to see that it was sectioned off. For the safety and convenience of all coastal path users it is important that restoration works be undertaken as soon as possible”

Concluding, Councillor Gillian Greer commented, “This is the second time in less than a year that a section of the Coastal Path has crumbled. Survey work has recently been completed, but it is essential that works begin as soon as possible to restore the Coastal Path, as it plays a key role for both leisure and tourism within the Borough”.