Muir calls for Holywood Park and Ride expansion

North Down Alliance MLA and Assembly Infrastructure Member Andrew Muir has called upon the Infrastructure Minister to consider expansion of Holywood Rail Station Park and Ride. 

Commenting on the issue, Andrew Muir MLA stated “Whilst rail and bus passengers numbers are currently low I’m keen to ensure we have better and more sustainable travel solutions once the pandemic eventually passes. 

With the Car Park at Holywood Rail Station is only able to accommodate a small amount of cars I contacted the Infrastructure Minister to see if she was willing to explore new Park and Ride site at Kinnegar Army Barracks which is due to be sold by 2022. 

I am disappointed no current desire to explore opportunities for use of the site utilising access road from the Harbour Estate but will keep seeking updates on Tillysburn Junction Park and Ride which the Minister cites as a possible alternative. It is however important previous plans for Tillysburn site are revised and new a design brought forward which better enables safe and easy access and exit at already busy and congested junction.” 

Infrastructure Minister’s response to Andrew Muir MLA’s Question attached plus photo of Holywood Rail Station taken by Andrew Muir which may be used without attribution

Q: To ask the Minister for Infrastructure whether consideration has been given to exploring the use of Kinnegar Logistics Base as a Park and Ride site once it becomes available for use in 2022.

A: I am committed to developing new integrated plans which deliver support for public transport, encourage more walking and cycling, better manage car commuting and promote sustainable development all in an effort to improve the environment and people’s lives. I recognise the role of Park and Ride schemes in helping to reduce City Centre congestion, and am keen to see such a facility constructed on the eastern side of Belfast. Initial studies have considered a number of sites around the Tillysburn Junction. Work to develop a Park and Ride site in this area is ongoing.