Muir asks people to think twice before visiting Local Beauty Spots

Alliance North Down MLA Andrew Muir has called on people to think twice before visiting oversubscribed local beauty spots as the weather improves with the onset of spring. 

Commenting on the issue Mr Muir said “I understand how difficult this third lockdown has been for everyone and how vital exercise is in terms of keeping us healthy both mentally and physically. However there are several local hotspots that tend to become inundated with visitors even under normal times and are now at risk of being completely swamped given increased attendance due to lockdown.” 

“It is important that people take personal responsibility for their journeys and stay closer to home to exercise where possible. The sheer volume of visitors to these areas is making parking completely unmanageable, causing disruption for nearby residents and making social distancing almost impossible. We saw what happened last year with hundreds of people gathering at local beaches causing chaos, with even one police officer being attacked while trying to disperse crowds at Ballyholme.” 

“I have reached out to the relevant authorities to check that sufficient preparations have been put in place to manage this in the run up to spring. We must be pro-active in terms of planning ahead to deal with this risk and also in reminding people that even when they are technically allowed to go somewhere under regulations, it doesn’t mean they should.”