Alliance urges swift repairs to Wandsworth Road Pavements

Local Alliance representatives have urged that works be swiftly carried out to repair pavements on Wandsworth Road area of Bangor following complaints from residents over the shoddy state of reinstatement.

Commenting on the issue North Down Alliance MLA Andrew Muir said “As you can see from the pictures the pavements have been left in a complete mess. It’s entirely reasonable to expect contractors to return areas to good standard following works and this the lack of proper re-instatement seems to be happening time and time again. 

Whilst my office has received confirmation that the footway reinstatement is a temporary measure and that the local roads section office will be carrying out a full width footway replacement scheme very soon this needs to occur without delay and include all areas including Roseville Park and Avenue.”

Bangor West Councillor Scott Wilson added “We were contacted by several local residents concerned over the state of the pavements and I welcome confirmation from local Roads Division that these are due for completion hopefully in the next few months but urge that all affected areas are covered not just Wandsworth. We will check back to ensure this has been carried out in the envisaged time frame.”

Local Alliance Councillor Connie Egan said “Following a deluge of complaints around the pavements in this area it’s essential the Department for Infrastructure take urgent action to restore the area to a much better state than the present battlefield pedestrians are forced to tackle."