Treacherous pavements must be fixed says MLA

Pavements on Cotswold Drive off the Donaghadee Road in Bangor are in a shocking state of repair and must be prioritised for repair local Alliance MLA Andrew Muir has said.

Andrew Muir MLA with local resident Elaine Orwin and Guide Dog Maisie along Cotswold Drive in Bangor

Commenting on the issue the North Down MLA stated “We were contacted around this issue last year by local resident Elaine Orwin who is blind, reporting how difficult the cracked and uneven pavements are to navigate even with the assistance of her Guide Dog Maisie. The risk of tripping on the surfaces is a real danger and having seen for myself how bad the situation was a request was made to the Department for Infrastructure (DfI) to fix these as a matter of priority.” 

After DfI completed their investigation they concluded that the pavements didn’t “meet our current policy regarding intervention levels.” The pavements couldn’t be in much worse condition and while I’m aware there is serious backlog of work needing done in many areas, serious cases like this in Cotswold Drive and other areas around North Down must be prioritised given the risk to the public. I have submitted a further request asking for this work to be completed.” 

Local resident Elaine Orwin added “The pavement at Cotswold Drive is cracked and dangerous. As a blind person it is an obstacle to my independence and freedom of movement.”