Muir seeks solutions to Ballyholme Beach Anti-Social Behaviour nightmare

Alliance North Down Assembly candidate Andrew Muir has been continuing his engagement with statutory bodies in a bid to bring an end to anti-social behaviour issues plaguing residents and visitors to Ballyholme Beach. 

The popular beauty spot is a local highlight especially in the warmer spring and summer months. Unfortunately, the increased footfall also brings problems with littering, alcohol consumption, noise and even trespassing onto local properties now becoming a serious problem. 

Commenting on the issue Mr Muir said “For the past two summers we have had reports of people straying onto privately owned properties near the beach front as well as late night noise from cars speeding up and down The Banks lane to and from Ballyholme Beach carpark. Some recent recordings made by residents are shocking listening with loud noise levels at 2 and 3 am in the morning from cars and people whilst residents try to sleep.” 

“I understand this is a very popular local spot and everyone should be able to enjoy it but some of the recent behaviour is bang out of order and entirely unacceptable. A recent site meeting with Council officials discuss the problems and potential solutions to stop the trespassing onto local properties produced some promising possible solutions which I will be following up upon. I have also requested a meeting with the new Police Area Commander and followed up with the local neighbourhood Policing team to see if anymore can be done to curb the noise made at night which is really disruptive to residents living nearby.” 

“I am hopeful that working together we can find realistic solutions and minimise the impact of these problems on local residents.”